"They look great!  Well done!  Steve - We'd like you to come take our company holiday party photos at the Dallas Athletic club.  Be there around 6 p.m. to set up and take pictures as people arrive. 

Thank you!"

Jill Williams, President, 3W, Inc.


"You’re doing some awesome work!  We really appreciate it. 


Crystal Arredondo, Livingston Wedding Photos


"They turned out excellent!  I went to show my husband the group photos last night and was pleasantly surprised with all of the portraits! I didn’t know those were out there. They look great!"

Farrah Vargas, Vice President, Senior Underwriter, Allied Affiliated Funding

"I hadn’t looked until just now! WOW!  You are amazing. I love these!"

Gen Merritt-Parikh, CAEF, President, Allied Affiliated Funding


"You are a pro Steve, and the only question I have is 'Why did you wait so long to get into this racket?' You are really good!! It is the attention to detail that separates you from any others that have shot pics of me.  Being meticulous the way you are naturally will pay dividends for you now and into the future.

Thanks for keeping on me to finally get this done. I greatly appreciate your work!"

Jess Alonso, CPCU, Alonso & Berrian Insurance Group


“Thanks for the awesome photo shoot. You captured exactly what I was looking for in a professional head shot!”

William M. Lux, CPA,  Ascend Advisory Services, LLC


"Hey Steve - Just love all the pictures!  You are so talented!

Thank you!"

Janae Chamblee, CPA, BCB, CBI, First Business Resources, Inc.


"They are great… as usual.  Thank you for all your help!

Neal Jenkins, President, Force One BBC, LLC


"Thanks.  They look great!"

Jay A. Grob, Grob Management Partners, LLC


Thanks Steve!  Great work on the family photos!  I don't have many photos of me and my folks together, so this is very cool!  Thanks again for this!

Ryan Pope, Hoeser Family Photos


"Great job Steve!"  

Steve Hunnicutt, Hunnicutt Law Firm


"Thanks so much, Steve!  They are great and just what I needed!

Ashley E. McMillan, Attorney, The McMillan Firm, P.C.


Those are AWESOME!!!  Everyone enjoyed viewing…  Great job Mr. Photographer!

Carolyn Hamilton, Office Administrator, Musgrove Law Firm


"Holy ____!  These are some professional photos!  I was expecting to click and get the same  _____ photos I take!"

Steve M. Sorey, OrchestrateHR


"Well this is what happens when you don't click send on an email...  The photos were great!  Lol!"

Patrick Webster, President & National Managing Partner, PDP Partners LLC


“Not only has Steve produced great head shots for me personally, he also produced very professional photographs of my client to be used in a brochure and website.  I would highly recommend Steve.  He is easy to work with, generous with his creative time, and produces very professional final product!”  

Bette Price, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Price Group


"Thank you so much Steve!  You did a great job,  even though it was out of your comfort zone, and I am very pleased!  You are going to do well with your photography I know!  Glad I got to play a very small part in pushing you outside your box!

I appreciate you!"

Sandy Sammons


"Those pictures are fantastic!  You seem to have a real gift!"  

Don Zelezny, President, Sterling Business Advisors


"Steve, it was great meeting you and Lisa.  I too had a great time and do like the pics you sent.  Thank you so much!"

Susan Merrill, Chief Financial Officer


American Heart Association Charity Event

"Very nice!;"  "The photos look terrific!  I like that the 3 that you sent are just a bit different.;" "You are awesome! Thank you so much!;" "What a great job you did, I love them!;" "Great job, thank you!;" "I now know why actresses marry their camera man. Thank you so much!;"   "These look great! Thank you so much….Do you have a local studio? I may be able to refer people to you."

Thomson Reuters Employees - Portrait Photos


Toastmasters Spring Conference

"Love the pics, I will purchase!;"  "Oh my! You made me look good.  Lol.;"  "I really was impressed with the photos you took of me at the Toastmaster's conference. You managed to capture an air of self-confidence about me not found in any other pictures of me. Thanks for being there at the conference!;"  "Great pictures – thank you very much.  Hope you sell them all and get a lot more business.  I especially love the one of me that is at the top which is probably the one you liked, but they are all good.  Glad you had a fun day.  What a great way to get your business name out there – plus make enough to make your day worth it by giving people a great deal for some incredible head shots.  Good idea!;"  "These are great, but I wanted more lipstick on my top lip, and hair combed out on all of them. You did a great job Steve, the ladies that were with me didn't give the feed back I needed when asked. (And later…)  I LOVE the retouched pictures, and my stylist agrees!;"  "Wow I just got your email and I absolutely love all the pictures. I'm on my way to church but I definitely want them all! Thanks so much!!!;"  "I received the drop box and photos, and thank you for the great pictures!;" "Good morning, the pictures are beautiful!"

Conference Attendees


"That's good news because I'm enjoying this.  I've never ever seen pictures of myself that I like, but Dang....them is some dadgum good photographs!"

Stevie Slick, Lead Guitar Player, Too Much Fun


"Good!!!  I love it!!!   The pics are fabulous!!! The Facebook comments went on and on!! "

Catherine Fox-Simpson, CPA, Graduate Photo Shoot


National Charity League - Stanley Korshak Fall Fashion Show

"Thanks again for capturing this special afternoon for the girls. You were great to work with.  I think they are all beautiful." - Michelle Mazzini

"I do want to order some pictures.  You did a fantastic job.  Thanks!" - Kim Clay

"Steve - Sorry I haven't emailed!  They turned out awesome!  Great Job!" - Pamela Musgrove

"Thank you Steve.  You created some beautiful memories for the girls.  You were awesome to work with.  All the best!"  - Anita Feherty


"They look great!!  Sneak Peeks... can't wait to see the other 245 of them! Steve Crane is amazing!  He does company headshots, family pics, and more. "

Amber Mashay Turnell, Fashion Model


"I looked through the photos and they're all excellent.  I'll put my critical eyes on them in the next few days and update my LinkedIn very soon!  Many thanks once again for your time and energy spent making me look so good!!"

Tim Robinson, Aviation, Aerospace and Transportation Consultant


"Thank you, and great job this morning!   We appreciate you keeping us moving and organized. We will obviously let you know when we have other events, and I will also forward on your information if anyone is in need of a photographer.

Thank you!"

Joanne Wasson, Office Manager, US Freedom Capital


"The pictures are great!!  Thanks for making time for my photo shoot and all of the associated work.  I appreciate it!"

Carol Thimot, Chief Financial Officer


"Steve - Thank you so much for the great pictures!  We are so excited about the updates to the website!  Thank you for making it so much fun - you are gifted!  J

All the Best,"

Lisa Hultz, Mazon Associates, Inc.


"Hi Steve, LOL, got a real kick out of those photos. Thank you for your awesome photo services!!!!   We appreciate it and look forward to having you back at some of our next events."

Natalie O'Hanna, Executive Director, Association for Corporate Growth, DFW


"Hi Steve, Thanks for the great shots.  It was great connecting up with you.  Your talent and love of photography really shows in your work.


Bo Gerard, Seriously Funny Magic


"Steve, It was nice to meet you on Thursday. I'm the blonde from Denver with the attitude in the first pic you took. Had to laugh when I saw what you did with it...Loved the pictures of Jim and I too. Thanks for making it fun!!!"

Pam Brendel, Hein & Associates Retirement Party


"Steve was a great photographer and did a great job getting the poses he wanted.  It was fun, enjoyable, and at times entertaining.  I have more pictures to be done...next time with my wife."

"BTW - You did a great job, the experience was outstanding!"

Scott Minson, Century 21 Real Estate


"I have known Steve for several years and was in need to update my photo.  I have been on my own for several years and had several negative comments about my past picture.  Steve spent a good hour taking over 160 pictures to make sure I took the right one. I am happy to say I have several positive comments about the picture. The quality AND the low cost makes Steve a GREAT option.

Thanks Steve!"

Chris James, B2B CFO


"I'm whittling down my options.  I think my favorite and the ultimate LinkedIn shot is going to be the one you posted on Facebook yesterday, but I'm going to go through them one more time to be sure.

Thanks!  These are so much better than I expected - I don't really care for the way I look in photos generally!

Cindy McSpadden, Chief Financial Officer


"Thank you Steve for sending us our headshots.  You did fabulous!"

Courtney Tankersley, Moss Adams LLP

"You did a great job!  Thanks."

Clay Sturgis, Moss Adams LLP


"I wanted to thank you for such a great job at the party this weekend.  After discussing with my brothers and sisters, we felt like you ended up doing more work than was commensurate with our agreed upon consideration so we've enclosed a check for $___ to bring you to a total of $___.  I know this is a lot of work and felt like this was the right thing to do!    These look great… great job!"

Todd Fries, 50th Wedding Anniversary